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Denture Services, Inc. specializes in removable dental prosthesis. William Foster, your licensed denturist, will take your impressions, design your prosthesis to fit you personally. William does the work in his on site lab. If dental work is needed William can refer you to a dentist or he is happy to work with your existing dentist.

Dental Prostheses Specialized at Denture Services, Inc.

Immediate Dentures: A complete or partial denture constructed for insertion immediately following the removal of natural teeth. Immediate dentures are considered a temporary prothesis made for the healing period after extractions. After your healing period the immediate denture will be altered or replaced depending on each individual case.

Complete Dentures: A dental prosthesis that has replaced all your natural teeth and their associated upper and lower gums.

Implant removable Denture: A denture that receives its stability from a substructure which is partially or wholly implanted in the bone under the soft tissues.

Partial Dentures: A removable dental prosthesis that restores one or more, but less than all, of the natural teeth or associated parts and is supported by the teeth or the soft tissue.

Relines: To resurface the tissue side of a denture with new base material in order to achieve a more accurate fit.

Repairs: Tooth fallen out, cracked or broke denture.

Relines and Repairs done the same day.

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